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8 Common Nose Job Myths: Busted

8 Common Nose Job Myths: Busted

Nose jobs are one of the most commonly performed procedures by Orange County plastic surgeons. They are a safe and effective way of getting that look you’ve always wanted.

Despite their safety and low risk, nose jobs have a bad reputation. Here, we’ll dispel some common myths and misinformation about nose jobs so that you can make an informed decision about the procedure.

1. Everyone can tell you’ve had a nose job

This is one of the most common myths that goes around about nose jobs. And it’s simply not true. With a skilled plastic surgeon, you’ll get a result that looks completely natural.

Notice that we said “skilled.” If you pick the wrong surgeon, then you may get a result that people will notice right away. The surgeon may remove too much cartilage, leading to your nose looking pinched up.

Always pick a surgeon who consults with you before the procedure. There’s not one approach that will work for everyone. You need a procedure that is tailored to your unique profile.

Dr. Klicker consults with you before the procedure to make sure he knows what kind of result you want from the operation. He then uses his years of experience to design a procedure that is right for you.

2. You’ll have to redo your nose job

A lot of patients believe that they will have to have their nose “touched up” at some point after the procedure. In most cases, this isn’t true.

A skilled surgeon will get you a result that will last. One of the main reasons people have to redo their nose job? Mistakes made by an inexperienced surgeon.

There are a few cases where you may have to have some minor corrections made. But these are almost almost minor, and usually just involve removing residual bumps.

3. You can pick any nose type

Especially in Orange County, patients come in and ask for their noses to look like specific celebrities. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, some faces just aren’t build for certain noses.

Dr Klicker works with you so that you get the result you want. But he also advises you on what he believes the best course of action is so that you get a nose that fits your unique profile.

4. Nose jobs are risky

Some patients avoid getting a nose job because they believe that the procedure isn’t safe. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nose jobs are a very safe procedure, with few long term side effects or complications. They are performed under general anesthesia, but there is little risk to this.

5. You’ll have to stay at a hospital

Dr Klicker provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for you to recover in. No long stays at a crowded hospital.

6. Nose jobs are the only way to change your nose

Nose jobs are an excellent procedure for those looking to make changes to their nose. But they’re not the only way. Other procedures, such as injections with fillers like Radiesse or Juvederm, can help you make minor alterations.

However, these changes are temporary. If you want to make larger alterations that are permanent, a nose job is your best option.

7. Getting a nose job means you’re insecure

This stigma just refuses to go way. But plastic surgery, including nose jobs, does not mean that you are insecure. It just means that you want to take control of your appearance.

8. Any surgeon can do a nose job

You need an Orange County plastic surgeon with the right experience to safely perform the procedure.

Look for a surgeon that is board-certified. Dr. Klicker has years of experience and training, ensuring patient safety and great results.

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