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Tips for Choosing the Best Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Tips for Choosing the Best Orange County Plastic Surgeon

There are a lot of surgeons to choose from for your breast augmentation in Orange County. But how do you spot a good surgeon?

Here are some things you should keep an eye out for as you look for the right Orange County plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation.

Make Sure They’re A Trained Plastic Surgeon

A lot of surgeons will use the label “cosmetic surgeon.” Unfortunately, this means very little. Cosmetic surgery is not a recognized specialty. In fact, many doctors who use the simply attended a weekend training course. They may not even be surgeons!

You’ll want to make sure that the surgeon you choose is a trained and licensed plastic surgeon. This guarantees that they have the years of experience needed to handle delicate operations such as breast augmentations.

Ask To See Results Of Past Patients

When you’re looking for a plastic surgeon, one of the most important parts of your research will be finding the surgeon’s past results.

If you are unable to find details about patient outcomes, or if the surgeon is unwilling to provide photos of past patients, this is a sign that you should look for another surgeon. You want a doctor who has a proven record.

And do keep in mind the body type of the other patients. Ask to see patients that have a similar build to yours, and who had a breast augmentation with the same type of implants that you want.

Some patients choose a great doctor, but one who usually operates on patients with different body types. This may turn out okay, but the best way to guarantee great results is to make sure that your surgeon has experience with patients who are built like you are.

Choose A Plastic Surgeon Who You Feel Comfortable With

A breast augmentation is a very intimate surgery. You’re trusting another person to reshape your image. That’s why it’s crucial that you pick a surgeon that you feel comfortable around, and that you are confident has your best interests in mind.

There are a lot of surgeons out there who are extremely skilled, but still don’t get great patient results. Why? They don’t listen to their patients, assuming they always know what’s best.

Make sure the surgeon you choose takes the time to get to know you and understands what you want from the procedure. Building a relationship before the surgery is key to a good result.

And look for a surgeon who stays in contact with his patients after the procedure. The recovery process usually goes smoothly. But it can still cause some anxiety. A good surgeon will be there for you throughout your recovery to answer your questions and deal with any complications, should they arise.

Pay Careful Attention To Their Fees

There’s a sweet spot when it comes to fees for breast augmentation. You want to choose a surgeon who won’t try to rip you off. But you don’t want to spend too little, as you could end up with a poor result

A lot of surgeons try to bring in a high volume of patients by offering cheap surgeries. They don’t spend time with their patients, use poor quality implants, and disappear after the surgery.

And then there are the celebrity surgeons. You’ve seen these breast augmentation surgeons all around Orange County. They offer a boutique, luxury experience, for a high fee. Despite all the money you spend, you often won’t get much personalized care from the surgeon.

Choose a surgeon who offers a fair rate. These surgeons are always clear about their fees up front, and give you great results that reflect the price you paid.

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