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3 Celebs Who Are Loving Life After Breast Augmentation

3 Celebs Who Are Loving Life After Breast Augmentation

You’ve heard the stereotype before: every woman in Hollywood has had a breast augmentation. Unfortunately, stars are often judged for how they choose to take care of their bodies, with every decision put under the microscope.

Unlike what critics say, breast augmentations aren’t just a sign of insecurity or a sad attempt to relive the glory days. Instead, they are a way women can take control of their self-image on their own terms.

Here are 3 celebrities who have had a breast augmentation, and why they chose to have the procedure.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie needs no introduction. She’s one of the most famous actresses of all time, with roles in movies such as Tomb Raider, Mr and Mrs Smith, and Maleficent. She’s also started directing films, taking her talents behind the camera.

But when all is said and done, she may be remembered more for what she’s done off camera. She’s one of the leading voices for childhood education across the globe. And she’s also an active spokesperson in the fight against climate change.

She’s been awarded dozens of awards from just about any human rights organization you can think of. She even got an award from the Queen of England.

You’ve also probably heard that she made the decision to have a double mastectomy in order to protect herself from cancer. But she hasn’t let that stop her from living the life she wants to.

Like so many other women, Angelina Jolie didn’t choose to rebuild her breasts because she was insecure. Instead, she did it as a form of empowerment. Her image is important to her, and she uses it for herself, not just to please others.

Katy Perry

It’s hard to imagine Katy Perry struggling. She’s one of the most famous people on the planet, and has had a thriving music career for years.

Yet early in her career it didn’t seem like she was going to make it. She had to fight for years to get her voice heard by record label executives. Only after many attempts at a record deal did she finally catch a break. And the rest was history.

She’s one of the few artists who have ever had 5 songs from the same album rank number 1 on the Billboard 100. She’s played sold out shows at some of the world’s largest stadiums, as well as performed at the Super Bowl halftime show.

But after years of success, Katy Perry decided to have a breast augmentation.

Why did an already successful singer feel the need to get a breast augmentation? Because she wanted to take control of her body image. A woman’s image is hers and hers alone, and feeling more confident with a bigger bust doesn’t mean that you are insecure.

Sarah Jessica Parker

You definitely know her from her role in Sex and the City. Her fame from the show and movies turned her into a prominent sex symbol, as well as a New York City cultural icon.

In addition to her acting roles, she’s a prominent businesswoman with her own fashion line and perfume. And she’s an active spokesperson for UNICEF. Did we also mention that she raises a family as well?

She’s had a successful career for over 4 decades both on and off the screen, and has been considered one of the world’s sexiest woman for years. So why would she decide to suddenly have a breast augmentation? Like Katy Perry and Angelina Jolie, it was all about taking control of how she looked.

“When you’re born with nothing, you don’t care what anyone else thinks about breast augmentation,” says the actress.

It’s About You

The 3 woman here are some of the most confident people on the planet, This confidence didn’t’

come from the breast augmentation, but was one of the reasons they chose to do the procedure. All 3 of them show that the choice to undergo a breast augmentation doesn’t have to come from insecurity.

Pick A Surgeon Who Listens To You

If you choose to get a breast augmentation, make sure you choose a surgeon that listens to what you have to say. Breast augmentation is about you and how you want to look, not about how the surgeon wants you to work.

Dr Klicker works with you every step of the way to select an implant that is right for you and your body size. The extensive consultation process ensures that you feel comfortable before the surgery. And Dr Klicker is there for you after the surgery, should you have any questions about your recovery.

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