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11 Butt Lift “Facts” Fixed: Here’s What Our Docs Have to Say

11 Butt Lift “Facts” Fixed: Here’s What Our Docs Have to Say

Butt lifts are often the… butt of jokes. But they are a common procedure that can help give you the shape you’ve always wanted.

Here, we’ll give you the facts about butt lifts.

1. Your butt won’t feel real

Although it can take a bit of time adjust to your new butt, it will eventually feel completely natural. The reason? Because very few butt lifts use artificial implants.

Plastic surgeons use liposuction to take fat from other areas of the body. This is then used in your butt lift to give you a natural implant.

2. Everyone will know your butt is fake

Another common myth. And it’s completely false. A great surgeon can give you a butt that looks completely natural. Your family and friends may notice the new shape, but that’s only because they saw you before the procedure.

That said, you could end up with a fake looking butt if you choose the wrong surgeon. Inexperienced surgeons will often give your butt a shape that does not look natural.

3. You’ll need general anesthesia during a Brazilian butt lift

This used to be true. But advances in surgery mean that, in most cases, you no longer will need to be under general anesthesia during a butt lift.

Local anesthesia allows surgeons to perform the surgery while you are completely awake, and you won’t feel any pain. Some surgeons may also choose to use twilight sleep, where you are half-awake but not aware that you are in surgery. This avoids some of the side effects of general anesthesia, such as nausea.

4. You can’t get a butt lift if you’re skinny

The most common source for implants in a butt lift is donor fat. This is fat that is taken from other parts of your body.

Some women may not have enough body fat for this to be possible. But that doesn’t mean a butt lift is off the table!

If you don’t have enough fat, your surgeon may consider using a silicone implant. Modern silicone implants are completely safe and durable. They also have a natural feel, so you won’t feel like you’re sitting on a cushion.

5. You should gain weight before the procedure

Some women assume that a butt lift will be easier and look better if they gain a little weight before the procedure, and then lose it afterward.

This, although not dangerous, won’t give you better results. Any size gains you get from the fat will go away once you lose the weight.

6. If you gain any weight after the procedure your results will be ruined

There’s nothing wrong with occasional weight gain. It happens to everyone, and it won’t ruin the results of your butt lift.

Your fat cells get larger proportionally across your body. That means you’ll still have a natural shape after you gain a little weight.

7. Butt lifts are only for insecure women

This is a myth that surrounds a lot of plastic surgery. And it’s absolutely false. Getting a butt lift does not mean that you are insecure or vain.

A butt lift is just one of many ways that you can take back control of your self image. There’s nothing wrong with taking steps so that you get the body you’ve always wanted.

8. Plastic surgeons shouldn’t be trusted

There have been a few rare cases where plastic surgeons crossed the line or invaded their patients’ privacy. However, most plastic surgeons are professionals who work hard to protect your privacy and make you feel comfortable.

Dr. Klicker conducts a thorough consultation before every procedure so that you feel comfortable. And he’s always there for you after the surgery, should you any questions about your recovery.

9. Bigger butts are always better

A lot of patients come in and ask for the biggest butt possible. This is especially popular with patients in Orange County.

But remember, there’s not one butt that’s right for everyone. Dr. Klicker works with you so that you get your desired result when it comes to size with a shape that still looks natural.

10. A butt lift will burn a hole in your pocket

This is another myth that’s common with a lot of different plastic surgery procedures. But butt lifts don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Butt lifts will cost about as much as a breast augmentation, another procedure that is surprisingly affordable.

And Dr. Klicker works with patients on pricing, depending on what is required for the procedure.

11. Any plastic surgeon will do for your butt lift

A plastic surgeon with years of experience will make a butt lift look easy. But the procedure is complex, and requires year of training and experience to perform properly.

That’s why you should choose a board-certified surgeon.

Dr. Klicker is an Orange County board-certified plastic surgeon. He has the training and experience to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

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