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Why Choosing the Wrong Surgeon for Your Breast Augmentation Can Cost You

Why Choosing the Wrong Surgeon for Your Breast Augmentation Can Cost You

Breast augmentations are a relatively safe and quick procedure with few side effects. That is, when they are performed by a skilled surgeon.

Unfortunately, bad surgeons continue to operate on patients and deliver poor results every day. And the damage caused by a bad surgeon can be more than cosmetic.

Here are some mistakes that are much more likely with a bad doctor.

(Keep in mind that every surgery has its risks, even when performed by the best doctors in the world. But by choosing a skilled and reputable surgeon, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of a bad result.)

1. Numbness That Won’t Go Away

Numbness and loss of sensation are some of the most common side effects are breast augmentations. The implants press on the nerves in your chest,

But these side effects should go away quickly. If they don’t, this could mean that your surgeon has made a mistake.

Nerves are very delicate and must be handled carefully. A skilled cosmetic surgeon knows how to navigate all of the tissue in the breasts and minimize any damage to nerves. Bad doctors will rush the procedure, which can lead to permanent side effects.

Breast augmentation here in Orange County surgery involves a lot more than just sticking in an implant and stitching the patient up.

2. Uneven Results

Part of every consultation process is carefully deciding what type of implants are needed. In many cases, one breast is slightly larger than the other, meaning different sized implants are needed.

A skilled surgeon takes this into account, ensuring you have the right implants. Unfortunately, there are a lot of surgeons who don’t. They are sloppy, forgetting what type of implant was required. Some even add the bigger implant to the bigger breast, making the problem even worse!

You deserve a surgeon who can keep track of two implants.

3. Choosing the Wrong Procedure

Part of being a good doctor is listening to your patient and their concerns. And any good cosmetic surgeon will consult with you to figure out what your goals are from the procedure.

However, it is also the job of the doctor to use their experience to give you good medical advise. Many patients have unrealistic expectations from surgery, especially when it comes to size.

There are some body types that are just too small for big boobs. A good cosmetic surgeon will make sure you know that.

It is irresponsible to perform a procedure you do not believe is right for the patient if you have not warned the patient about the risks. A bad surgeon will perform the surgery anyway. This can lead to poor results and a lot of pain for the patient.

4. Implants That Won’t Stay In Place

A good plastic surgeon carefully and methodically adds the implants so that they stay in place after the surgery. And they also make sure that the implant is the right shape and size for your breasts.

If you choose a bad surgeon, they may not be as careful. They may use an implant that is too big. This can lead to implant migration, due to the pressure of your skin and tissue squeezing on the implant. This does not look good, and can cause a lot of pain too.

They may also use lower quality implants. This can lead to complications such as leaks and bursts. And if they use a silicone implant, you may develop siliconata, which is when silicone forms clumps. This can lead to pain and swelling, as well as infection.

Or they may not fully fill the implants, which can lead to what is known as breast rippling. Your skin won’t be tight, creating an unappealing look.

You can almost always avoid these problems by choosing an experienced and reputable surgeon.

5. Implants That Pop Out Of Your Skin

Implant extrusions are something you’ll really want to avoid. What are they? An implant extrusion is when an implant is too big for the breast and causes the stitches to burst open.

This is really rare, especially if your surgeon is experienced. It almost always happens because a doctor uses an implant that is way too big for the patient. These doctors are more interested in creating the biggest breasts possible than they are in your safety.


All of the side effects and surgical errors shown above can happen even with a good surgeon. But they are much less likely. Make sure you pick the right cosmetic surgeon for your breast augmentation. You’ll protect your health and get the results you always dreamed of.

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