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These 9 Lip Augmentation Myths Have Got to Go

These 9 Lip Augmentation Myths Have Got to Go

There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding lip augmentations. Some people say that they are permanent. Others will tell you that they are dangerous. Some may even claim that you’ll become addicted to lip fillers.

This is all nonsense. Here, we’ll discuss a few common myths surrounding lip augmentation we run into with patients here in Orange County, and what the facts are.

1. All lip augmentations are permanent

Some people are afraid of getting a lip augmentation. They may fear that they will later regret the decision, and that the changes will be permanent.

But most lip augmentations can be reversed, as long as your surgeon uses hyaluronic acid as the filler.

And if you do want a permanent lip augmentation, your surgeon can do this as well.

2. An augmentation will make your lips lumpy

There are some cases where a lip augmentation can cause small bumps to appear on your lips. These are usually temporary, and go away in a few days.

There are some cases of longer lasting bumps, but these are usually a result of a poorly performed operation, often at the hands of an unskilled doctor.

3. A lip augmentation will stretch your lips

Unfortunately, there are doctors out there who don’t value the health of their patients. When they perform lip augmentations, they use too much filler. This can cause lips to stretch.

However, you don’t need to worry about lip stretching, as long as you have a skilled surgeon.

Dr Klicker consults with you before every procedure, and makes sure that the filler he uses is appropriate for your lip size.

4. The procedure will leave scars

This is another common fear, with patients worrying that a lip augmentation will leave them with nasty scars.

Fortunately, this is not true. Lip augmentations are a very safe procedure, and involve little cutting or stitching. You just want to make sure your surgeon uses an FDA-approved filler.

5. You’ll get cold sores

Cold sores can occur after a lip augmentation, but only if you have a past history of them. The stress of the surgery can cause the cold sores to return.

Inform your surgeon if you have had issues with cold sores, and they can take steps to address the issue, should it come up in your recovery.

6. Lip augmentations will cause you a lot of pain

A lip augmentations is a very safe and mild procedure, as long as it is performed by a skilled plastic surgeon. For most patients, the procedure rarely causes anything more than mild discomfort.

7. You’ll end up with “duck lips”

This is another common stereotype about lip injections. And it is simply not true.

Some patients ask their surgeon to give them injections to get that classic “duck lip” look. But unless you request this from your doctor, you’re not going to end up looking like Daffy Duck.

8. Once you start lip fillers, you can’t stop

A lot of patients are interested in lip fillers, but don’t want to commit to long term treatment. And that’s okay.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a treatment and deciding that you want to go back to your old lips. If you choose to get lip injection, you don’t have to continue treatment. Your lips will return to their old shape, without any deformation.

9. Anyone can perform a lip augmenation

Lip injections are a quick and easy procedure for a skilled plastic surgeon. Emphasis on “skilled.”

You’re going to want to choose a doctor who has the right experience. There are a lot of doctors out there with little training who offer lip injections. Sometimes things work out okay. But a lot of times they don’t, and you end up with puffy, swollen lips.

Dr. Klicker has the right credentials and training to ensure that your lip injections go smoothly. He consults with you before every procedure so that he understands your goals and the result you hope to achieve.

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