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How to Spot a Bad Orange County Plastic Surgeon

How to Spot a Bad Orange County Plastic Surgeon

We’d like to think that every medical professional is exactly that—a professional. But not all surgeons are created equal.

How can you find a Orange County cosmetic surgeon that you can trust for your breast augmentation?

Here are some things that you should look out for when choosing a surgeon. If you see any of these warning signs, you should look for another doctor immediately.

1. Your Surgeon Is More Interested In His Brand Than In His Patient

Unfortunately, this is pretty common in Orange County. Surgeons like to show off their celebrity connections, and get their name out there with expensive ad campaigns. They spend so much time socializing, you may wonder when they find the time to operate.

Some of these surgeons may be great doctors, but the focus should always remain on the patient first. Focus more on the surgeon’s results, rather than his social media presence. When all is said and done, the best surgeons will let their patient results speak for them.

2. Your Surgeon Doesn’t Care What You Think

There are plenty of cocky surgeons in Orange County who think they know what’s right for you the minute they set eyes on you. They figure you’re just like every other patient who has walked through their doors. And every patient to them is just a check.

But that’s not how good plastic surgery works. There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to cosmetic surgery. You need a surgeon who will work with you and understands what you hope to achieve from the procedure.

3. Your Surgeon Has A Bad Record

Bad surgeons will try to do a lot to cover up a bad record. They’ll hire friendly assistants, spend a lot of money on nice offices, and try to impress you with their most famous clients.

That’s why it’s important that you do thorough research before you choose a surgeon.

A face to face consultation is absolutely crucial. But it’s not enough. There are a lot of sweet talking surgeons out there that will try to win you over with charm. But nice words don’t make you a good surgeon. Results do.

Find everything you can about the surgeon’s patient outcomes. Yelp is a great resource for learning more about the surgeon’s practice. And you may be able to find patients that you can reach out to, so that you can learn more about their experiences.

There are a lot of plastic surgeons in Orange County, and a lot of them don’t deserve your trust.

A breast augmentation is a major decision, and you are trusting another person with your body. With Perki, you’ll get a personalized consultation so you can build a relationship before the procedure. And you can see from his patient results that you are in good hands.

4. Your Surgeon Doesn’t Follow Up

A good breast augmentation involves a lot more than just the procedure itself. There’s the consultation period, where you and your surgeon discuss what your goals are for the procedure. And then there’s the recovery period, where your surgeon can help you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, a lot of surgeons think they can just show up at the operating room. Once the procedure is completed, they pretend like they’ve never met you.

Make sure that you pick a surgeon who will be there for you after the procedure is done. Dr. Klicker is available throughout the recovery process, should you have any questions or concerns.

5. Your Surgeon Doesn’t Have The Right Training

There are a lot of plastic surgeons to choose from in Orange County. Unfortunately, many of them offer to perform procedures that they are not fully qualified for.

Remember, just because someone is trained as a plastic surgeon doesn’t mean they have the right experience to perform cosmetic surgery.

A typical plastic surgeon will only see around 50 cases of cosmetic surgery during their surgical residency. This is just isn’t enough cases to gain mastery of the procedures.

Surgeons that specialize in cosmetic surgery will see hundreds of cases during specialized fellowships. In these fellowships programs, the only focus is on cosmetic surgery.

When looking for a surgeon, you’ll want to choose one who is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. And you can also look for a surgeon that has additional training related to breast augmentations.

You wouldn’t want to choose a dermatologist to treat a stomach ulcer. Make sure that your surgeon has the right experience.

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