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8 Facelift “Facts” Found in No Medical Textbook

8 Facelift “Facts” Found in No Medical Textbook

Facelifts are one of the most common procedures performed by plastic surgeons. Despite their popularity, facelifts are surrounded by a lot of myths and misinformation.

Unfortunately, this keeps a lot of people from choosing to heave the operation. Here, we’ll walk you through some common myths and set the record straight.

1. You can tell right away that someone has had a facelift

This myth is common with a lot procedures performed by plastic surgeons. But facelifts can look completely natural. You just need to make sure you choose a skilled surgeon to perform the procedure.

It’s important to remember that even the best surgeon can’t turn back the clock. A great surgeon will give you a result that makes you look younger and fresher. However, they won’t be able to make you look thirty years younger!

The best way to get a natural result is to set a realistic goal for the procedure and work closely with your surgeon so that they know what you want from the procedure.

2. Your results won’t last

Another common myth, and one that’s just not true. A great surgeon can give you results from your facelift that will last for years. In fact, you may not have to get any touch ups for around 12 years.

But again, it’s crucial you pick an experienced surgeon. A poor surgeon may save you some money, but you may end up back in the operating room to undo all of the damage they caused!

3. You should just get a minilift

A minilift is another excellent procedure, and one that’s great for correcting small signs of aging. And it’s quick and safe.

But it’s not a substitute for a full facelift. Certain signs of aging, such as excess skin near the neck or sagging jowls may not be correctable with a minilift.

A skilled surgeon will consult with you before the procedure to decide what your best options are, and whether you need a full facelift.

4. Facelifts are just for women

Unfortunately, this myth surrounds pretty much every operation performed by plastic surgeons. And it couldn’t be more false. More and more men are getting facelifts, realizing that the procedure is a great way of looking younger and fresher.

5. Facelift recovery is long and painful

The face is one of the body’s most delicate areas. That’s why a skilled surgeon takes extra caution throughout every step of the procedure.

A great plastic surgeon can minimize the size of incisions and post operative pain. You’ll be back to yourself in just a few weeks, and participating in all of your usual activities.

There will be some pain after the operation, but this can easily be managed with medication.

6. Facelifts are for insecure people

Another myth common to a lot of plastic surgery. And it’s just not true.

Facelifts, like most other procedures performed by plastic surgeons, are a way of taking control of your self image.

7. Facelifts are just for older people

Facelifts are used to correct signs of aging. These can appear in people of just about any age.

Anyone who has noticeable signs of aging and is unhappy with them is a great candidate for a facelift.

8. You can trust any surgeon to perform your facelift

An experienced plastic surgeon can make just about any procedure seem simple. But facelifts are complicated, and require years of training to perform.

You’ll want a surgeon with the proper board-certification. This will ensure they have the right training and a focus on patient results.

You’ll also want to choose a surgeon who consults with you before the procedure, and is there for you throughout your recovery. Dr. Klicker conducts a thorough consultation in person so that he understands what you hope to achieve from the procedure. And he’s there to answer any questions you might have during the recovery process.

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